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A'sha Scott - Episode 2 - D.I.V.A.S Build Futures

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Woman of God | Visionary | Certified Youth & Family Life Coach | Founder of D.I.V.As Build Futures Inc. | Founder of DBF All Girls Youth Center/Academy


​I am a Gary Indiana native growing up in Woodland Hills California being adopted by the great Texas.

My passion and life mission is to focus on the development and guidance of our youth girls.

My goal is to instill basic and the most critical life skills in them, ranging from hygiene to career. I am not only building a school for girls but a community of growing women.

I believe in order to see a positive change in our youth today and for our future, we must teach and guide them with the knowledge and understanding of our past lessons and elders transforming them into today's society changes. I am Gods child on a mission to do Gods work.

A'sha Scott

DBF All Girls Youth Center 2520 K Ave Suite 280 Plano Texas 75074 Main 214 299-9795 Cell 214.223.0633

"The foundation of our COMMUNITY is in the EDUCATION of our YOUTH"

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